Travel Baby Bath Seat

Travelling with Bubs Series: The Travel Baby Bath Seat

Generally speaking, when it comes to having a newborn the natural tendency is to stay put and stay within the comfort of your own home.  

However, sometimes travelling with your baby is unavoidable or you may just need that short break away from the routine of having a baby. When traveling with your little ones, you know the routine: diapers, bath, and a change of clothes. But do you know the best way to bathe a baby? The answer might surprise is called a travel baby bath seat

In this article you will learn the best way to give a baby a bath, and you can cut down on the stress of traveling.

Travel Baby Bath Seat

How do I bathe my baby on a trip?

When it comes to bathing your baby on a trip you have a few options. 

  1. If your accommodation allows for it, you can have a bath/shower with your baby. This is one of the easier options because you don't have to bring too many items with you (such as a full baby bath).  However, it does come with some warnings or considerations.  Showering with your baby can be dangerous when you are carrying your baby and showering at the same time. There is always the possibility that they could slip out of your hands or get some water up their nose or in their eye.   
  2. Wash your baby with the wet cloth.  We recommend using this option only in warmer weather and when you are limited in options.  The reason why we are not as keen on this method of bathing your baby is because the moisture evaporates quickly, leaving your baby's skin exposed to the air.  This evaporation can quickly reduce your baby's core temperature, leaving them susceptible to getting sick. 
  3. Bring Your Own Travel Baby Bath Seat.  This is our preferred option out of the three.  Although this is not the most convenient option, bringing your own Travel Baby Bath Seat is the most versatile choice.  By having your own bath seat you can safely bathe your baby (even if you decide to shower with them).  It leaves your hands free and stops your baby from slipping or moving about.  We say it is versatile because you can even wash your baby in a kitchen sink if you are caught out with limited options.  

What Kind of Travel Baby Bath Seats Are Available

When you are deciding to choose a Travel Baby Bath Seat, you will generally have two options.  First is an inflatable chair, that is easy to travel with due to it's compact nature.  However, it can also be torn or punctured in transit, therefore may leave with less options when on a trip with your baby. 

The second option is a foldable baby bath seat.  As you can appreciate, these are more cumbersome to travel with.  However, they provide for a more reliable and sturdy structure.  Here are a couple of our favorite Travel Baby Bath Seats that are available online. 

Check list for Bathing your Baby While Travelling.

When you set off on a trip there is always so much to think about and pack.  To help you round up the things you will need to bathe your bubs, we've put together a short and quick list of items to include in your travel accessories. 

  • baby soap (preferably no tears)
  • two towels (sometimes you won't have the space or time to dry your towels after a bath, and the last thing you want is to wrap your baby in a cold wet towel)
  • bath toys (to keep them from grabbing other things around the unfamiliar bath)
  • cotton balls
  • small hand towel to use in the bath and place on the baby's chest to keep it warm 
  • water thermometer
  • travel baby bath seat

Final Thoughts on Travel Baby Bath Seats

Travelling with your new bubs can sound daunting, however with a stepped approach to each hurdle we, at the Best Baby Care Tips, are confident you will be able to overcome any obstacles.  By following our helpful guidelines and checklists provided in this article, you will be on your way to enjoying a nice relaxing trip with your family and baby. 

Article written by Best Baby Care Tips

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