Top 10 Stroller Safety Tips!

We've put together our Top 10 Stroller Safety Tips so you'll stay out of trouble while you're on the town with baby.

Kelsey takes your through them in our very first Top 10 roundup using the super light Maclaren Triumph and the full-featured Nuna Mixx, which you can check out in the links below:

Maclaren Triumph:

Nuna Mixx:

Here they are, our Top 10 Stroller Safety Tips
1. Make sure you're using the right stroller: Ensure your stroller is the right size and within the weight limits for your child.

2. Use your brakes: Be sure to engage the stroller's brakes whenever you're stepping away from it or taking your hands off the handlebar.

3. Use your wrist strap: If your stroller comes with a wrist strap, you should be using it, particularly with a jogging stroller.

4. Make sure your baby is strapped in securely with a 5-point harness: All strollers these days come with a 5-point harness, so make sure that each strap is securely fastened and comfortably snug.

5. Don't overload your stroller: Use the basket first, and if you fill it up, be sure to use a stroller-specific bag or the handlebar clips on your diaper bag to make sure it doesn't go over backward.

6. Move baby away before folding your stroller: Strollers have hinges and parts that can pinch little baby fingers, so make sure your baby is safely away from the stroller when you fold it.

7. Stay close to your stroller: Make sure you can see your stroller at all times and that you're not too far away to get to it quickly should something happen.

8. Be sure your travel system is connected securely: If you use a travel system (a car seat and stroller frame), be sure that the pieces are connected securely before you strap your baby in.

9. Inspect your stroller regularly: Strollers get a lot of use, so be sure to inspect the parts from time to time to make sure that they haven't worn out. If you need parts, be sure to contact CuddleBaby or your stroller's manufacturer for replacements.

10. Check for recalls: Recalls are uncommon, but be sure to register your stroller with the manufacturer so they can contact you if there is a recall on a product you've purchased. You're always welcome to contact CuddleBaby regarding recalls as well.

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