There's No Cuter Way To Keep Your Baby Warm In Their Stroller

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1. Begin by sketching a bunny on a piece of fleece. The most important aspect is to ensure the bunny's head is large enough for a hole that your child's head can fit through. Next, cut out the bunny including the hole.

2. Place the cut-out bunny on a piece of fleece that's a different color and large enough to be stretched over the stroller. In our example, the fleece is about 20 inches by 40 inches. Draw around the hole in the bunny's head on the larger piece of fleece and cut it out. Pin the bunny to the larger piece of fleece and sew the two together. Don't forget the inside edge of the hole.

3. Cut into the bunny and fabric from its neck down to its stomach. Sew a zipper in place.

4. Use further pieces of white and pink fleece to create your bunny — you'll need ears, arms, feet, and a fluffy tail. Sew each piece into place.

5. Round off the corners of the fleece. Next pin down a ½ inch hem and sew it into place. Leave a few inches along the top edge free though, as you'll need an opening.

6. Thread a drawstring through this opening and guide it around the edge of the fleece. To make the task easier, attach a safety pin to the end of the drawstring to help guide it. The drawstring in the video is about 8 ft long. To finish, make a knot at each end of the drawstring. You can now stretch the cover over the stroller and tie it in place using the drawstring. Use the zipper to make the opening large enough to help your child through.
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