Best Baby Swing for Small Spaces

What are the benefits of Baby Swings

Regular readers of our website will know we are huge fans of any toys or products that offer any level of versatility. And the best baby swings do just that!

We have already touched on a few benefits a baby swing can bring to your household. A well-designed and compact designed baby swing will provide you and your baby with hours of entertainment. Not only does a baby swing provide support for your little one so that they can be positioned in an upright posture, it also allows you to engage with your little one in a completely new way. 

In addition to allowing your baby see the world from a new perspective (can you imagine staring at the ceiling for 12 hours a day!), it also gives them an opportunity to build up their core muscles. By supporting your little one in an upright position, they will begin to exercise their neck and torso muscles. All the muscles necessary for helping them progress onto the next stage of development - gross motor skills. 

Placing your baby into a baby swing can also give you some much needed 'me' time.  Many baby swings offer safety features that give you the confidence that your baby is secure and safe for a period of time. Even the shortest timeframe can give you the opportunity to jump onto those dirty dishes that have been soaking or even just to catch up on the latest news on tv. 

Are Baby Swings Safe to Use? 

This is a question many parents ask themselves, and it is for good reason - it is important.

The short answer is yes, but with some precautions.

When it comes to your baby's safety, we believe every parent should be aware of the risks they are exposing their baby to. In relation to baby swings, they have many safety features built in to ensure your baby is safe and comfortable. 

However, as is the case in a lot of instances, ultimate safety comes down to parents knowing how to use the accessories properly.  Here are a few tips we think every parent considering a baby swing should know:

Features to Consider for Best Compact Baby Swing

The best baby swing is a great way to keep your little one entertained and comfortable while you are at home or out socializing with your friends and their babies. There are many types of swings available, which makes it understandable that making a decision can be overwhelming for some parents.

To help, we have compiled a complete buyers guide that will step you through the different features that you should consider before committing to any one swing. 

Safety Features

Okay, so we know we may sound like a broken record here, but safety is important.  For the sake of those that have already read the preceding sections of this article we won't repeat why safety is important.  Any readers that started with our Buyers Guide, we would encourage you to review the above sections on the "Are baby swings safe?". 

In terms of what to look for, the best baby swings will have the following safety features:

  1. Safety Harness Straps to secure your baby in the elevated swing.  This feature is a must-have.  Babies will be babies.  They are ever curious and always looking to push the boundaries. They will want to see if they can climb out of the swing - and if you are not there to prevent them the straps will be your back up. 
  2. Adjustable features are also important to ensure your baby fits into the swing properly and comfortably. Not all babies are the same height, weight and build.  Therefore, it is important to choose a baby swing that give you the ability to work around your baby's needs. 
  3. Reputable Company - this one isn't as obvious for some parents, especially since there are so many companies and products being made available each and every month. We prefer sourcing our toys and accessories from brands that have a good reputation. Do a bit of research and see if the company has made any recalls of their products.  Check reviews from other parents and always ensure the company takes responsibility for their products - good or bad.  

Baby Wellness

Baby swings are evolving quickly to include a raft of features that help to entertain and sooth your baby. Which features you prefer and choose will be largely dependent on your personal preference. In no particular order, here are some of the features we love to look for:

Final Verdict

Baby swings are a fantastic addition to any home.  They provide comfort, security and entertainment for your baby.  There are many benefits that a baby swing can provide, such as stimulation for your little one, or even soothing them into a more manageable state. 

We understand some parents may have concerns about the safety of their little one in a baby swing, which is why we encourage them to educate themselves about the proper use of baby swings in our safety features portion of the article. 

By choosing one of our recommended small baby swings, you can be confident you won't be disappointed with the hours of entertainment and free time you will gain with your baby. Let us know which baby swing for small spaces helped you in your parenting journey. 

Small Baby Walker

Buyers Guide to Finding the Best Small Baby Walkers

The best baby walker for your child is one that fits their needs and helps them develop safely. The right small baby walker can help you get through those first few months when it’s hard to keep up with a baby that just wants to keep moving. 

But there are so many types available on the market today! Here we will go over some things to consider before buying a new baby walker.

Space Saving Features

One of the biggest concerns when you are looking for a small baby walker to use within a limited area are the space-saving features.  We recommend looking for baby walkers that are foldable or can be disassembled easily to help with storage and transportation.

Foldable small baby walkers offer the convenience of allowing your baby to learn to walk and build the necessary muscles for their gross motor skills. But at the same time, when the walker is not in use, you have the ability to stow it away, out of the way, so you can free up some much-needed space. 

Buying a small baby walker with space-saving features also offers the advantage of being able to travel with the accessory. This is great for keeping your little one entertained or even including the walker as a tag along to grandma and grandpa's house for an overnight stay.

Versatility Features

At Best Baby Care Tips, we are huge advocates for any toys or accessories that are versatile and can be used for a range of purposes.

When it comes to baby walkers we love looking for walkers that can be adjusted as your baby grows and develops.  Adjustable settings such as height make baby walkers ideal for allowing your baby to learn and grow at a pace they are comfortable with.  

Some baby walkers can also change their design to match the speed at which your baby wants to move. at.  This is especially important because changing the walker's design shifts the center of gravity and stability of the toy. Which develops different muscles and skills of your baby.  

It also means the baby walker will be used many times over during the first year(s) of your baby's life. 

Small Baby Walker

Cleanable and Low Maintenance

As most parents will know (or will eventually learn), once a baby comes into your life, cleaning becomes a big part of your day.  So anything that we can do to minimize or make the process of cleaning easier, we welcome with open arms. This principle applies to all the toys and accessories that inevitably build up. 

The best small baby walkers are ones that are designed with the parents in mind.  This includes making an accessory that is easily cleaned and maintained.  We recommend looking for walkers that includes detachable parts and removeable outer materials that are machine washable. 

It may not sound like a deal breaker, however when your precious little one inevitably 

Safety Features 

We think it goes without saying that in-built safety features in all accessories that are intended for baby use are a must. Not only does it show the companies have given their products a well thought out design, it also gives parents the peace of mind that their baby will be safe using the toys and accessories.

Here are the safety features we believe you should be looking for in your next baby walker:

Final Verdict on the Best Small Baby Walkers

Having a baby walker  to learn and develop with is a wonderful opportunity for any baby.  However, not everyone has the space nor the ability to house a bulky baby walker in their living areas.  Particularly those that live in apartments or units. 

Fortunately, baby companies have designed a range of small baby walkers just for this particular niche market. This means you don't have to deny your baby from any learning opportunities that they may have missed had they not grown up with a baby walker. 

We have provided a list of our favorite small baby walkers that are perfect for small space living. 

Let us know your favorite (or not so favorite) and experiences with baby walkers in the comments below.  

Baby Lounger

Baby Loungers - Are they Safe and What Not To Do?

You've just had your baby and you're getting settled into a new way of life. You're also probably wondering what kind of gear to get for your little one.

A baby lounger can be a great addition to your home if you want to keep your little one close by while you work on chores or shower.

However, there are some very important facts about Baby Loungers that you should be aware of before making your decision as to whether you want to include one in your home. 

In this article we are going to explore everything you need to know about baby loungers,  We will look at both sides of the coin - the benefits and cautions we believe every parent should know. 

What are Baby Loungers?

Baby lounges can be a confusing term for many parents.  Many refer to baby swings or baby carriers as a baby lounger.  However, in the context of this article we have a specific definition for what a baby lounger consists of. 

For the purposes of this article we refer to a baby lounger as a baby product that consists of soft cushion material that is designed to comfortably house your little one.  If you think of a portable baby sized day bed, you will begin to understand the design of a Baby Lounger. They usually have belts that can be used to strap and secure your baby into the lounger, which is there for the parent's peace of mind to prevent accidents and rolling. 

The materials that Baby Loungers are made from are generally fire retardant and breathable.  This is both for your baby's comfort and safety.  The breathable material allows for air to circulate through the material to ward off sweat and over heating of your bubs.  The permeable materials are also there to prevent any breathing hazards that may arise when your baby presses their face against the side cushions. 

Here are some examples of some baby loungers:


What is a Baby Lounger Used For?

The baby loungers are used to provide comfort and relaxation for the babies. The best baby lounges have soft cushions that can be adjusted according to your child’s size, shape or weight. They also come with an adjustable backrest, so you can adjust it as per your need. These chairs will help in providing support while sitting on them. You can use these lounge chair for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

Benefits of Baby Lounges

Cautionary Measures for Baby Loungers and FAQ's

As blissful as baby loungers may sound, there are some words of warning that every parent should heed when considering purchasing one for their home.  In this section of the article, we are going to highlight the issues surrounding baby loungers.

Are Baby Loungers Safe?

Baby lounges are designed with safety in mind. They provide an excellent place for babies and toddlers to relax, play or nap while you’re at home doing chores around the house. The loungers come equipped with features that make them safe for your baby. 

Having said that, it is important to note that these products are not included in any of the regulated groups of baby products.  This means they have not been vetted by the appropriate authorities that govern the safety of baby products. The AAP always advise putting babies to sleep on their backs on a firm surface such as a crib or cot. It is for this reason, we believe a baby lounger has its place within a parent's routine, but should not be used for the longer nighttime sleeps - you will find out more below.  

Can my Baby Sleep in a Baby Lounger

Yes! Babies love sleeping inside the lounger because it provides warmth and safety. We do, however, recommend they only use it for naps and a baby lounger is not used for their main sleep throughout the night.  We do still prefer a cot or crib for the longer sleeps as this will become important for their development later on.  Also note if your baby suffers from colic, it is advisable to avoid placing him in the lounger during his first few months of life.

How Long Can My Baby Use the Lounger?

The easy answer to this question is if your bubs still fits in the baby lounger and still finds it comfortable, then you can continue to use it to provide a sense of security and comfort. 

 Do I need a Baby Lounger?

The answer to this question is always going to be situation dependent.  If you travel around a lot, as we have discussed earlier, a baby lounger can be a fantastic solution to help your baby adjust to new and unfamiliar places. 

Key Takeaways for Baby Loungers - Everything You Need to Know

The best baby lounges are designed with safety in mind, and they have a variety of features that will make your life easier. They come equipped with soft pads or pillows, so you can lay down on them without worrying about hurting themselves if your baby falls off.

There are however some considerations to make when thinking about including a baby lounger in your household. This includes HOW and WHEN you are planning on using the loungers. 

When used properly, these wonderful contraptions can be a godsend - let us know how baby loungers have helped you in your parenting journey in the comments below.  

Baby Walkers with Big Wheels

How to Find the Safest Baby Walkers for your Baby

Baby Walkers are a great way for encouraging your bubs to begin walking.

However, we feel it is important to recognize and warn parents that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a warning about how some walker designs aren’t safe and shouldn’t be used.

These dangers can be avoided if you do your research and understand the important features that you should look for in a walker. In this article we are going to step you through the safety features that you should look for in your next baby walker. Safety features such as a wide base and baby walkers with big wheels.

The best walkers have wheels that are just the right size for little feet to drag across the floor. They often have adjustable heights and are designed so your little one can sit, stand, and move around safely.

What are Baby Walkers with Big Wheels?

baby walkers with big wheels

Walkers are support aids for your baby to encourage them to sit/stand up and imitate the action of walking.  It is a safe way to teach your child how to walk, but in a manageable and supervised manner.  

Walkers are particularly helpful to those little ones that seem to prefer to crawl rather than furniture surf they way around your house. 

These support aids come in a variety of designs.  We encourage our community to opt for baby walkers with big wheels for safety reasons.  They stabilize the support aid and help to encourage the use of their legs.  

Larger wheels also help to navigate over uneven surfaces, decreasing the likelihood of your bubs catching on any surfaces that may have a lip. 

The larger wheels are also effective on different types of surfaces, such as carpet, where some smaller wheel designs are ineffective or harder to maneuver. 

What are the Benefits of Baby Walkers with Big Wheels?

There are many benefits to Baby walkers with big wheels.  

First off, they're more stable than the traditional kind. The big wheeled design reduces the risk of babies toppling over, as well as the risk of running into walls and corners. They're also easier to use for your baby - which is always good for building your little one's confidence in walking.

As your baby gains confidence, they are gaining new motor skills.  They constantly experience repetitively movements, the three actions that are important for learning to walk: standing up, falling down, and then getting back up again. 

Safety Features you Should Look for in Baby Walkers

Your baby's health and well-being is and should be your number one priority (it is at the Best Baby Care Tips Team).  It is for this reason you should be looking for particular features in walkers.  Here are a few must-haves for baby walkers.

Big Wheels

Given the title of the article, you may have guessed this would be our number one feature.  There is good reason.  All the walkers that have come under scrutiny for safety concerns have small wheels. 

Small wheels do not provide enough balance or friction with the ground, leaving it susceptible to toppling over. 

Smaller wheels also have a tendency to get caught in uneven surfaces, again posing a toppling risk.  

Seat Belt

You may be asking what is the point of a seat belt if the walker has big wheels?  

Well it is a known fact that if a baby can wriggle or climb out of a seat, they will try (or give it a red-hot go!).  A seat belt is there to discourage this behavior and ensure your bubs is nice and secure. 

Wide Base

When you look at a walker, you want the base to be wider than the upper half.  There are two reasons for the wide-base design.  First and foremost, it is much harder for the device to topple over.  Secondly, now that your bubs is mobile, the wider base helps to prevent your little one reaching for things you want left alone.  

Our Favorite Baby Walkers with Big Wheels

To help you find the best baby walker for your precious one we've collected a few of our favorite ones for you below:

Baby Tub Ofuro - Everything you Need to Know

Baby Tub Ofuro: Why are they so popular and the benefits of Using One

You may have heard of Japanese baths called ofuro, but what is the baby tub ofuro? In this article we are going to explore the benefits this delivers to your parenting experience.

The Baby Tub Ofuro is the unique way to bathe your little one.  It is one of the best bath time inventions for your baby, and for you.
It's unique design is aimed at making bath time easier and more enjoyable for both your baby and you.

Essentially, it is a deep tub that is specifically designed for babies too young to sit up by themselves.  It has a high back that helps support babies while they are sitting or laying down.
In our books at the Best Baby Care Tips, it is a must have for all new parents!

So let's get into the nuts and bolts of how you can apply the benefits for your bubs.

What is an Baby Tub Ofuro? 

Baby Tub Ofuro
Courtesy of

Traditionally, ofuro are large, deep wooden tubs used to bathe one's self. They are usually filled with water which is heated with a stove and then poured into the tub.

The baby tub ofuro is a variation on this traditional bath. The water is heated in a separate container and then poured into the tub.

This type of bath is common in Japan and is used for babies and small children.  There are many benefits to this technique of bathing that we love at the Best Baby Care Tips - which we will explore in the next section.

What are the Benefits of the Baby Tub Ofuro

Improved Sleep Quality

Due to the unique design of the tub which emulates being in the womb, this bathing technique actually calms your bubs down.  This is fantastic for many reasons - it means everyone will have an enjoyable experience.  But more importantly, it results in improved sleep quality.  And all parents know good quality sleep is the corner stone of a sustainable parenting experience.

Comfortable Sitting Position

The back design of the Ofuro Tub helps to mold to your babies back, providing a comfortable and natural sitting position.  This helps to promote a sense of safety in your child, which helps to avoid any meltdowns or crying during bathing time.

Safety First

The Ofuro is one of the safest means of washing your little one.  Due to it's sitting upright design, your bubs is less likely to roll into the water or have any way of submerging their head.  This is key in preventing any accidental drownings.  It is for this one reason that we love using this unique bath.

Do Baby Tub Ofuro Use More Water?

Although it may not be one of the main considerations for new parents, one of the big advantages of using this method of washing your baby is that it uses less water than other standard ways of bathing.  It may not seem like it when you look at the tub.  However, due to it's narrow nature, the amount of water required to fill up the Ofuro is considerably less than that of a large bath tub.

Final Verdict for the Baby Tub Ofuro

We have absolutely loved our time using the Ofuro.  Not only does it provide reassurance and give you the peace of mind that you child is safe and secure during bath time.  It also affords your child an immersive experience in water play.

We highly recommend looking at this as a top option for your child.

Here is a video coutesy of the manufacturers of this wonderful product.