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Top 5 Stroller Hacks to Make Transporting Baby Easy

Strollers are one of the most used items in the parenting modern life.

They are used in the house, for grocery shopping, for traveling, and picnics. Basically wherever baby goes, a pram won't be far away.

They are essential to keeping your little one safe and comfortable in all these situations. However, because of the complex nature of a stroller, you may find it hard to maneuver, especially if it is heavy or has a difficult shape.

Here are my top five stroller hacks that will make your life easier when you take your baby out with a pram in tow.  

Top Pram Hacks for Making Life Easier

baby stroller hacks

When I first became a parent, I was clueless to the many intricacies of having the perfect stroller. I was only focused on finding the best stroller to meet my needs.

I quickly learned that there are so many factors to consider when choosing a stroller. I needed one that was lightweight yet sturdy, had a large basket underneath, was easy to maneuver, and had a canopy that extended all the way to the edge of the stroller so my little one wouldn’t get sunburned.

I also learned that the perfect stroller is only perfect for you if you make it work for you.  This tip alone could have saved me many hours of heart-ache. 

Let's take a look at the stroller hacks I wish I had known when I first began my new mom journey. 

Stroller Hack 1 - Tangled or Hidden Belt Buckles 

When your baby is having a moment and throwing a tantrum (it's inevitable) and you are trying to get them into the stroller, the last thing you need is trying to locate the belt buckles and clips. 

If you have experienced this before, you know what I am talking about.  Your baby arches their backs or grabs onto the side of stroller trying with all their might to escape.  Meanwhile you have one hand holding them down and the other searching high and low for the stroller straps so you can strap them in like they are about to go mountain climbing. 

Well we have one of the best stroller tips for you - with the magic of a simple magnetic button, you can say goodbye to these awkward moments. 

These magnetic buttons are very unassuming and are great for locking the stroller straps and clips in a place where you know they will be safe and secure - ready for you to easily access in those tense moments. 

You may be thinking "But my stroller doesn't have a metal frame!".  Fortunately, these magnetic buttons have adhesive backings, meaning they can stick onto most smooth plastic or metal surfaces (not fabric or material surfaces).

I also love that these particular magnetic buttons are aesthetically unassuming and don't stick out to cause any unwanted safety issues for your little one. Plus they are easily accessible by anyone from one the best online marketplaces.  Check out our top recommendation below. 


Stroller Hack 2 - More storage and canopy clip/carabiner

I think we can all agree, as a parent, you will soon realize one can never have enough storage options.  This includes our favorite transport option, the stroller. 

You can get the most practical and functional stroller available on the market, and you could still wish for more options. 

So this next hack is one of our favorites.  Not only is it practical and opens up a whole lot of opportunities for you to create new storage options. It is also a very budget friendly hack that anyone can implement today. 

We are talking about attaching a carabiner to the handle bars of the stroller.  It sounds simple, but once you attach one you will question how you ever lived without one before. 

It is like creating an extra set of hands.  I use it to attach grocery shopping bags, food pouches, or even pouches that carry a quick and accessible sippy water bottle for the bubs. 

Even when it is not being used, you can attach a dangle toy to the clip to provide some entertainment and occupy your little one while they are being transported. 

Some pre-cautions I would like to bring to your attention is don't opt for the cheap carabiners.  I made the mistake of thinking any carabiner would suffice and used one from a promotional giveaway.  To put a long story short, when the carabiner gave way I ended up with a carton of broken eggs on my carpet and an extra steam cleaning bill. 

Also make sure you unload the carabiner BEFORE you take bubs out of the pram.  Sometimes, you may inadvertantly load too much onto the clip, and once you lift baby out of the stroller, it can become imbalanced. 

Here is the carabiner I opted for (after my carpet incident).  I love the double catch lock that doesn't allow the carabiner to accidentally open. 

Stroller Hack 3 - Ventilation to Keep Baby Cool

There will be times when you take your baby out for a stroll on a hot humid day.  Unfortunately some strollers are built by design to be like a capsule.  This may be great for a cold wintery day, however it can have an undesirable effect on summer days.  In fact, it can be quite dangerous as it acts like an oven and retains heat - making it very uncomfortable for your little one. 

For those moments, we recommend using a portable fan that is battery operated. This stroller hack helps to ventilate the stroller and keep baby cool and comfortable. 

We recommend one that hangs on the strollers handle bars. Generally speaking, the stroller handles out of reach from your bubs arm reach, meaning they won't be able to pull it down and put themselves in harms way. 

For additional safety, the fan should also be encased with gaps thin enough to prevent curious little fingers from getting through.  

Check this stroller fan out for your next summer stroll:

This fan is particularly convenient for taking out on hot summer days. I found that not only does it securely hang onto the handle bars of the stroller. Due to its clever design, it can also be used away from the stroller. Like attaching it to a tree branch or even in the car.

Stroller Hack 4 - Storage of Stroller

One of the drawbacks of having a stroller is storage limitations when it isn't in use.  This is especially problematic when you realize just how many things you need to buy to faciliate your babies growth and development. 

For those with a garage or spare room, we recommend implementing a hanging storage system for your pram.  These ingenious storage systems allow you to lift the strollers off the ground and onto a wall - conveniently out of the way. 

If you are not confident in installing one of these systems, you can easily contract a handy man to come around and install one in your home.  

Like the carabiner, you will wonder how you ever lived without one.  It doesn't have to be solely used for the stroller either.  As your family grows, you can use the wall systems for bikes, gardening tools, or anything that you can think of. 

Stroller Hack 5 - Security

The final stroller hack we want to recommend you implement is the use of a combination bike lock.  This handy little hack is useful to secure the stroller when you need to leave it.  Simply buy a strong bike lock and wrap it around one of the stroller bars. So the next time you need to leave your stroller you can tether it to a light pole or secured instrument. 

stroller hacks

Let's face it, strollers are not a cheap item and the last thing you want is for yours to disappear when you have your eyes on your little one at the playground. 

When I had my first baby there was a popular crime on the rise where the robbers would prey on unsuspecting parents.  The would be robbers would sit in parking lots waiting for parents to come back to their car.  As the parent lifts their child into the baby car seat and secure them with the safety belts, the robbers would use this opportunity to walk up to run away with the empty stroller.  Sometimes the parent wouldn't even notice their stroller had been taken until it was too late.  And even if they did realize the crime while it was happening, they would not be able to chase after their stroller and leave their baby in the car! 

One way to overcome this problem is to tether the stroller to a pole or even your wrist while you are occupied with tending to your baby. 

It may feel a bit over the top, however the small discomfort or extra effort is small when compared to purchasing a whole new stroller.   

At first, I thought the bike lock was going to be a cumbersome and ugly looking addition to the pram. However, as you can see with the bike lock here, you can actually find some stylish ones. Also, given the convenience of being able to secure it to a light post or railing means I can give my full attention to my little one and not have to constantly look back to make sure my stroller is still there.

Final Thoughts on Stroller Hacks for Transporting Your Baby Easily

So there you have it - my top five stroller hacks to make your life easier with your baby. With just a few adjustments to your stroller, you can ensure you and your little one can enjoy and comfortable, trouble-free journey. 

If you learned a hack or two that help you, please share this article with your friends and family using the share buttons. Let everyone know your tips for making your stroller life easier in the comments below. 

Article written by Best Baby Care Tips

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