Sleep tips for Clingy or Fussy babies

Sleep Tips For Clingy or Fussy Babies

Do you have a fussy, clingy, or sensitive baby? If your baby is very clingy or fussy and cries a lot, find out why in this video.

Plus, you'll get all the tips on how to get your baby sleeping really well for naps and at night. Discover how and why to stop your baby becoming over-tired, and how to get your baby falling asleep on their own.

Get in touch with Jilly once you've completed the Exhausted Mom's Survival Kit to see if there's more you can do improve your baby's sleep. However, the majority of parents notice a huge difference after creating a healthy sleep foundation for their little ones.

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Hi, I’m Jilly from Baby Sleep Made Simple.

In this video, I’m answering a question sent in by a tired mom, on our Facebook Live Q&A Call.

I get parents asking me a lot about their clingy babies. What I find is, when they tell me that their baby is clingy or fussy, it’s usually one of 2 things.

#1 – Sensitive Baby:

Often, it’s a part of their baby’s personality. They tend to be a little bit more sensitive, a little bit more affectionate, a bit slower to adapt to change and new people and new environments. That’s helpful to know.

#2 – Over-tiredness:

Clinginess and fussiness can also be a sign of over-tiredness or sleep deprivation. So what we can do, we can teach your little one to sleep well. And then we see if there are any parts of that clinginess or fussiness that diminish or go away.

Gentler, slower methods tend to work better for babies that are a bit clingier and fussier. My first choice for these little ones is not Cry It Out. It’s not Controlled Crying. It’s not leaving your baby to work it out on their own. I tend to recommend a method or approach where you stay in the room with your little one while she learns how to sleep differently.

But in general, I still have the same recommendations for all babies.

Step #1: Create a healthy sleep foundation

I would always recommend that you set a healthy sleep foundation for your baby first. That includes following your daily awake times, starting a Peaceful Nightly Ritual, making sure your baby has an appropriate and consistent Ideal Bedtime, playing White Noise and having a blacked-out bedroom.

I recommend that for all children because that really builds a healthy sleep foundation for them.

Once you’ve been doing that for a week or so, you’ll see your baby adapt really well to it. The night wakings diminish. They fall asleep easier at bedtime. There might be a few pesky things that hang on, like a few night wakings.

Step #2: Teaching your baby to fall asleep on their own

That’s when we move to Step 2: Teaching them to fall asleep on their own. I really recommend that you work on building that healthy sleep foundation for her first.

Then we can work through a customized approach for her personality, that really helps to get her sleeping more independently.

You may find that just by setting the healthy sleep foundation, her clinginess and fussiness decreases a bit. I hope so. I hope that happens for you.

I recommend that you start there. Here’s a link to the Exhausted Mom’s Survival Kit.

Sign up for that. Start watching the videos. Start doing the steps that I recommend. Get back to me in a few days and let me know how it’s going! And then we can figure out what Phase 2 is! Good luck!
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