Newborn Skin Care Tips from a Board-Certified Dermatologist

So you’re a new parent with a brand new baby! Congrats on embarking on the most challenging endeavor ever- much more challenging than your first year as a physician in your intern year!

So many questions…How do I support the baby’s head (I need to do a better job in this photo)? Why does my baby make those grunting sounds in the middle of the night and sounds like a baby dinosaur from Jurassic Park? How do I swaddle a baby and how can I make one for myself when I go to bed? Oh, wait, there’s no sleep for us parents? That saying, “I slept like a baby” was a complete lie as your baby actually does not sleep so soundly as I imagined. There are so many concerns, questions and doubts as a parent.
With that said, I want to help you with 5 tips for newborn skin care!
Products mentioned:
1. Aquaphor or Vaseline: diaper rash, rashes on the face from teething or eczema.
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2. Aquaphor baby wash for scalp and face/body!
Shampoo only: check out Johnson's baby tear free shampoo

3. Desitin: Diaper rash issues? Love this stuff and make sure to have an extra tube when traveling. Kids will get sick and diarrhea is a common symptom. Diarrhea can lead to diaper rashes and thus the zinc in Desitin is very soothing and anti-inflammatory. Apply this “like cream cheese” over the behind to protect the skin and to help it heal.

4. SPF/Sunscreen: I recommend mineral based ingredients (zinc oxide, titanium dioxide) for your broad spectrum sunscreens- I like Blue Lizard, Aveeno Baby and Neutrogena Baby. They can make them look pasty white but babies don’t mind! Get a sun hat and sunglasses for them although they always try to rip them off themselves after 2 seconds. Check out my Amazon storefront to browse through sunscreens

5. Hydrocortisone 1% cream: Nice to use on bug bites, small patches of dry itchy skin or skin irritation but do not use longer than 1 week! See your board certified dermatologist if you are not finding relief with Cortisone 10/hydrocortisone.

These products are good for baby shower gifts by the way. You can find them on my Amazon storefront at

Please stay healthy and safe while being quarantined at home. We will pull through this together!

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Disclaimer: This video is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment with your healthcare professional. This is for medical educational purposes only.
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Dr. Daniel Sugai
Board Certified Dermatologist
Article written by Best Baby Care Tips

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