Mom Bathing with Baby

Bathing With Your Baby - When is it OK?  

As a new parent, the right path isn't always clear.  Actually scrap that last sentence - let's rephrase that to say "As a new parent, the right path is never clear".  There is so much conflicting information out there, it is hard to know what you should or shouldn't be doing. 

A common question new parents ponder is "Is it ok for a mom bathing with baby?", "Are there any dangers when moms bath with babies?"

Well, at The Best Baby Care Tips team, we have set out to debunk any of the misleading information out there and provide a clear set of rules and instructions for choosing when it is okay to bathe with your little one.

Mom Bathing with Baby - A Guide to Safe Bath Time Fun

Bath time does not have to be another thing that needs to be checked off on the to-do list.  All you need to do is change your perspective on bath time from being a chore to an opportunity for a fun experience.  In fact, bathing with your bubs is and can be a wonderful experience for everyone involved. 

Mom Bathing with Baby

Is Bathing with Baby Safe? 

Bathing your baby is an important part of healthy baby care . However, there is a lot of conflicting advice out there about whether it's safe to have your baby share a bath with you. In fact, there's a new study out that claims that babies who are bathed with their parents at younger ages are more likely to develop attachment issues as adults. So should you bathe your baby with you?

Let's take a look at some considerations you should give some thought to, and how to go about bathing with your baby.

Follow our top tips for Bathing with Your Baby to set yourself up for success and avoid any unsafe situations.

Some Considerations and Cautions for Bathing with Your Bubs

  1. Be aware of the temperature - It is easy to think the water and air temperature is fine when you have 
  2. Use a baby seat in the bath - when you bathe with your baby, there may be moments where you will find yourself in an awkward position.  Having your bubs in a baby seat will help you avoid these situations and leave your hands free.  It also ensures your baby's head stays above the water level and prevents any water being inhaled.  
  3. Have a plan - we always recommend methodically going through the steps of getting in and getting out of the bath.  There are two benefits of having a plan in your head BEFORE jumping into the tub.  First, you can think about all the equipment you will need for the experience and make sure you are prepared and it is all within arms reach.  Secondly, if something happens and you need to jump out of the tub quickly, you won't be caught off-guard and will be able to ensure yours and your babies safety. 
  4. Make sure someone is around for an extra set of hands - this is a must-do tip in our books.  When you go to have a mom bathing with baby experience, you should always make sure there is someone else in the house to be able to lend a hand at any time.  It only makes sense, since you are preoccupied with the bathing experience, the other person can tend to other issues that may arise (such as knock on the door or the telephone ringing).  It also comes in handy if anything unexpected arises, they can step in and dry bubs while you take care of yourself. 

The Benefits of Co-Bathing with Your Baby

Mom Bathing with Baby

There are many benefits of involving yourself in the bath time experience with your baby.  

Let's take a look at some benefits you can expect to receive. 

  • provides for a bonding experience - parenting is hard.  There is no question about it, so when you have the opportunity to create some special moments with your little one - do it!  Bathing with your baby is one of these experiences that can (and will) be one of your most cherished moments.  Make it fun and even take some beautiful photos to capture those moments.  
  • Sensory play for you and your baby - water play is one of the most sensory experiences for your baby.  Especially newborns who still have memories of being in the womb.  Creating an immersive experience for you and bubs has developmental benefits.  Plus, honestly how often do you get to play around with water when you're an adult. 
  • Calming massage - use the opportunity of bathing with your baby to deliver a full body massage for your baby.  The warmth and gentle caressing of their skin will soothe them, which is perfect to include in their sleep time routine. 

Final Thoughts and Key Takeaways

Bathing with your little one is a special moment that we believe should not be passed up.  

The unique experience of being able to play and teach your baby with water play is special.  

Some people may think it has the potential to lead into dangerous situations, however with the right preparation and precautions you will be able to foster a beautiful experience.  

Article written by Best Baby Care Tips

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