How to Swaddle a Baby | Labor and Delivery Nurse, Nursery, & New Mom Skill

Learn how to swaddle a baby using a cotton muslin swaddling blanket, as well as a swaddle product by Nested Bean.

Swaddling is an important skill that you'll want to master if you work as a labor and delivery nurse, or if you're a new parent.

Swaddling is great for two reasons: First, it mimics the tight quarters of the uterus. In addition, it also prevents the baby from self-waking due to the Moro (startle) reflex.

To swaddle, you need a blanket of an appropriate size. Most swaddle blankets are around 40" x 40" or 44" x 44". Optionally, you can a newer swaddle blanket that allows for Velcro attachment.

Start by folding the top corner of the blanket down. Then, hold down one arm, and fold the blanket over the baby's torso while tucking it over the opposite arm. Next, fold the bottom of the blanket up and tuck it under the baby's shoulder, making sure that it isn't too tight on the legs. Finally, hold the arm on the opposite side down as you pull the final corner of the blanket over the other side of the torso and tuck it under the body.

Always put a swaddled baby on its back, and make sure clothing isn't too tight or too loose. In addition, keep the baby's overall temperature in mind when adding or removing layers of clothes, and stop swaddling once the baby can roll over.

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