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If you’ve got a new baby on the way then your pushchair will need to have a from-birth seat with a flat sleeping position (one which reclines to 150 degrees or more), a pram format or the option to attach a carrycot so your baby can sleep in comfort.

Some pushchairs have a ‘bucket-seat’, suitable only from six-months old. This is because the angle between the backrest and the seat doesn’t change; you simply tilt your baby back, but your newborn will need a flat area to lie on for the first six months.

Watch our video for how to put your newborn in a pushchair with a from-birth seat or carrycot safely.

From-birth seat

1. Some pushchairs have seats that recline to 150 degrees, which is suitable for a newborn baby.

2. Make sure the seat is fully reclined and the brake is locked.

3. Check the harness height is adjusted correctly for a newborn.

4. Open up the harness to enable you to place your child in the seat and put their legs either side of the crotch strap.

4. Pull the shoulder straps over his or her arms and fasten the buckle.

5. Adjust the straps so that your baby is secured in the seat.

Pram format

1. Other pushchairs have seats that can convert to a pram format by unclipping or unzipping the fabrics.

2. Make sure the seat is fully reclined and the brake is locked.

3. Convert the seat according the manufacturer’s instructions. This usually involves adding a newborn nest or liner and threading the harness straps through.

4. Place your baby in the seat with their legs either side of the crotch strap and put the shoulder straps over his or her arms.

5. Fasten the five-point harness and adjust the straps so that your baby is secured in the seat.


1. If you plan to use your pushchair a lot for the first six months of your baby’s life, it’s worth investing in a pushchair that’s compatible with a carrycot.

2. A carrycot is good for spine development and breathing, as it allows newborns to lie completely flat, and carrycots offer a snug and cosy environment for the first few months.

3. Although it can be the more expensive option, it’s best for babies to sleep on a firm, flat base, so it’s worth buying if you want to use your pushchair for naps or plan to be out of the home for lengthy periods of time.

4. You’ll need to remove the seat unit as carrycots are attached either straight onto the pushchair chassis or by using adaptors that can be fixed onto the frame.

5. Put the brake on and securely attach the carrycot to the pushchair.

6. Place your baby in the carrycot and make sure he or she is snug and secure.

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