Fold Away Bath Tub

Fold Away Baby Bath Tubs for Small Homes

I never really liked the baby bath tubs that you put in the sink or bath tub. I always found them to be difficult to stick in the right spot, and I was always afraid of the baby slipping and falling.

So, I contacted a couple of my to see if there were any other solutions out there.

To my surprise they pointed me in the direction of fold away bath tub for babies which are not only safer, but they come with other perks like convenient storage. They are also lightweight, so it's easy to carry from room to room.

What is a Fold Away Bath Tub?

Fold Away Bath Tub

Bath time can be one of the most enjoyable times of the day for your little one, but it can sometimes be a painful for you.

Not only is baby-bathing a time-consuming chore, it's also messy—and standard baby bathtubs don't make it any easier.

Rigid standard baby baths can make bath time a slippery, dangerous endeavor.  However, fold-away tubs are designed to make bath time easier and safer for both your bubs and you.  All you have to do is remove the tub from the molds, unfold it, and then put it back after your little one is clean and dry.

Why You Need a Fold Away Baby Bath Tub

There are many benefits to a fold away bath tub. Let's take a look at some primary benefits you will get from using a Fold Away Bath Tub:

Important Bonding Time

Taking a bath with a baby in the family is an important part of their development. It is a great chance for some bonding time, and the hot water helps to relax and unwind after a long day. However, it can be a little tricky to take a bath when you have younger kids running around. A fold away bath tub is the perfect solution, as it allows you and your baby to have a bath together while those little ones are safely contained and out of the way.

Storage and Small Footprint

When your baby is firstborn, it is hard to know what you need to buy and what you can do without. One of the big purchases that parents will make is a baby bath tub. The problem with this is that they take up a lot of room, and when you don’t have a lot of space, this is not ideal. The solution is fold away baby bath tubs, which are designed to be easy to store away when not in use.

The easy storage solutions are particularly helpful when you live in an apartment or small unit.

Travel with a Fold Away Bath Tub

One big advantage of a fold away baby bath tub is that this handy tub folds together in a neat little package that makes it perfect for travel. Many parents find that this type of tub is perfect for use in hotels or other places where space is limited.

Final Thoughts on Fold Away Bath Tub

Baby Bath Tubs are probably one of those afterthoughts when you introduce your bubs into your house.  It doesn't dawn on you how much space and inconvenient standard baby bath tubs are until you have one taking up too much room in your bathroom.

Fold away bath tubs are the perfect solution for just these occasions.  They conveniently fold away to be tucked away in a cupboard, and even come with the added bonus of being lightweight and portable (for those times you want to escape on a quick getaway).

Now you can turn bath time into what it is meant to be - a beautiful bonding time between your new baby and you.

Article written by Best Baby Care Tips

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