Co Sleeping Dock a Tot - your complete guide

Co Sleeping Dock a Tot - Everything you Need to Know

Let's face it - co sleeping is a controversial topic.  

However, whether best practices like it or not, many mothers consider co sleeping  - each for their individual reasons. 

I'll admit - I co slept with my daughters when they were newborns.  I can already hear the judgmental clucks of other mothers out there - and I'll put my hand up to say what I did was not right or wrong. It just felt right to me and both have developed into beautiful young girls.  My reasons for co sleeping were out of affection and developing a closeness with my daughters that my gut told me was right at the time. 

Unfortunately, while one of my girlfriends was asking for advice on co sleeping (well after my girls were babies), I learned my practices are frowned upon. 

She asked if using the Dock a Tot would help co sleeping with her little one.  This question genuinely sparked my curiosity, so I decided to do my own research and write this article for other mothers who may be mulling over the exact same question - co sleeping with dock a tot - is it safe?

Dock a Tot - The Ins and Outs

Co Sleeping Dock a Tot

If you’re not familiar with dock-a-tot, it is a plushy fabric bed that wraps around your baby to help them sleep or relax.

How does the Dock a Tot Work?

The concept is (as the name suggests) that it acts like a docking station for your baby. 

Yes I agree - it is a bit crude to look at your newborn as if it were a laptop plugging into a docking station. However, the concept is very similar - just in a less mechanical way. Similar to how you lock a laptop into a docking station, Dock a Tot uses straps to secure your baby into the capsule to ensure no falling accidents occur from rolls or movements.  

Additionally, as a docking station securely fastens a laptop to its electrical connectors, the Dock a Tot also uses cushioning around your little one to ensure they are comfortable and less likely to move around roll onto their stomachs - a large concern when it comes to SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).  Before you jump up and down about suffocation concerns with your baby mushing their face against the extra cushioning around their head, Dock a Tot have addressed this safety issue.  They have incorporated air permeable materials into their designs.  This means the materials they use throughout the Dock a Tot has the ability to vent air throughout the entire docking station.  A huge plus in safety features we definitely welcome.  So you can sit comfortably knowing your baby will be able to breathe freely. 

For a complete rundown we thought it would be beneficial to show how the Baby Cubby shows the science behind the Dock a Tot and how versatile it can be for using with your little bubs. 

What are the Benefits of a Dock a Tot

  • Mobility - One of the main benefits that all moms appreciate is that the Dock a Tot is a small, portable bed that can be used anywhere, including day cares, grandparents’ houses, and hotels.  If you can get your little one to associate the Dock a Tot with sleep, life will be made that much easier throughout the first few years of your parenting journey.

    As you may have gathered from the above video, the Dock a Tot is and can be a godsend when you are travelling with your baby.  It is light and small enough to be able to take with you on the road or to the grandparents house for some babysitting while you get some much-needed reprieve and relaxation.

    The Dock a Tot is also a great option for daytime naps around the house.  With its convenient mobility, the Dock a Tot can be set up in the living room, in your bedroom or even on the patio while you enjoy a hot cup of tea. 
  • Cleanability - with a unique design and breathable materials used throughout the Dock a Tot, we are happy to report cleaning the device is a cinch.  Due to the lightweight material that is water absorbent, you can throw your Dock a Tot in a washing machine and air dry it ready to be used within hours. 
  • Soothes and Calms - Dock a Tot have taken everything into consideration when it comes to the design and purpose of the baby docking station.  They have tried to emulate the feeling of being inside the womb for newborns.  This has the fantastic benefit of being able to soothe and calm your baby.  And we all know a happy baby can fall asleep all that much easier. 

Is the Dock a Tot Safe?

Now for the BIG question that we are all here for - is the Dock a Tot safe?

We have already highlighted many of the safety features that Dock a Tot have built into the design of this baby docking station. For the benefit of those that have skipped through the article, these are:

  1. breathable materials used throughout (in case baby mushes their face against cushions)
  2. extra cushioning to prevent unwanted rolling and moving
  3. secure straps to hold baby safely in place

Other features we think are worth highlighting for the Dock a Tot are that there are no choking hazards included in the Dock a Tot package.  These include small toys or additional cot pieces that are intended for entertaining your little one. 

In addition, the materials used are flame-retardent and do not include any toxic substances that may be harmful to your baby. 

Co Sleeping Dock a Tot - Is it Safe or Not? 

What is co-sleeping?

Co Sleeping Dock a Tot

When it comes to baby sleeping arrangements, there are a lot of approaches. Some parents want their babies in the bedroom with them for night feeds, while others prefer to put their infants in a crib or bassinet in their own room. But what about co-sleeping? What exactly is co-sleeping? How does it work? And is it safe?

Co-sleeping is when the baby shares a bed with the parents. This has been practiced for centuries and can help with bonding and nighttime parenting. Co-sleepers believe that sharing a sleep surface with your baby helps to regulate breathing and body temperature. In addition, it also means that you're close by if your little one needs some assistance. 

If you want to ensure you are co-sleeping properly check out our co-sleeping tips article. In here we disclose the best practices for co-sleeping and the best tips for co-sleeping with your little bubs. 

Should you Co-sleep with a Dock a Tot?

This is one of the most common questions I receive at the Best Baby Care Tips - co sleeping dock a tot - is it safe?  Those that have the Dock a Tot naturally want to know if the Dock a Tot can be used for co-sleeping.  

Truth be told the Dock a Tot was originally intended for this very reason - co-sleeping with your baby.  However, with all the latest best-practices advice being released about co-sleeping, almost everything points to the fact that any type of co-sleeping is frowned upon. 

The Dock a Tot is a very useful tool for travelling with your baby.  However, for regular sleeping arrangements, I would recommend sticking with the standard cot or crib environments.  Even Dock a Tot advise not using the Dock a Tot within other bedtime situations - such as co sleeping.   

Final Thoughts on Co Sleeping Dock a Tot

The Dock a Tot is a wonderful and safe sleeping environment for your little one.  It provides comfort and security for your baby - everything a parent wants for their newborn. 

However, on the issue of co sleeping with the Dock a Tot - much of the best practices and literature does not recommend the practice.  Not because of the Dock a Tot specifically, more so the consensus that co sleeping is not a good idea. 

I think the Dock a Tot is a great option to have - just not for co sleeping arrangements. 

Let us know your thoughts on this much debated topic and share your points of view. 

Article written by Best Baby Care Tips

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