Books For 1 year Old

Recommended Books to Read to a One Year Old - What to Look For

We all want the best for our babies, and reading to them from an early age is one of the best developmental decisions you could make.

It is easy to decide what to read to them when they are infants, or babies that are still immobile.  However, when they get older and begin to develop likes and dislikes, choosing the right books can begin to be a challenge.

More to the point, you will know when you have chosen a book that your baby isn't interested in, as they will usually act up or want to go play with something else.

In this article we are going to explore the best books for 1 year old. The most engaging and interesting books, that speak to your little ones.  We will also look at what features you can look for in your own book choices to set you and your one year old up for reading success.

Top Recommendations

a wonderful interactive set of 6 books to get your 1 year old learning to read

Best Sound Book :

Around the Farm
teach your little one about the sounds of the farm with this interactive book by a world famous author
start your library the right way with this colorful set of 10 boards books for your baby
a beautifully illustrated classic book to read to your little one as they go to sleep

Best Classic Book:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar
you cannot go past one of the classical childrens books by the world renown author, Eric Carle
**Note - please refer below for detailed reviews of recommended products

What to Expect when Reading to your 1 Year Old

Depending on your one year old's attitude towards reading, it can be a naturally rewarding experience OR a 'tear-your-hair out' challenge. 

Which is completely to be expected - after all like we always say at The Best Baby Care Tips team - life would be boring if not for a bit of diversity. 

Fortunately, by preparing yourself for what to expect when reading to your one year old, you can get ahead and anticipate any bumps along the road. 

Books For 1 year Old

Set Them up for Success

Reading to your little one from an early age helps to develop wonderful habits that your little one will hopefully bring with them well into their adult life.  The love of reading and wanting to learn is something that can be easily instilled from a young age. 

Before you know it, you will have collected a little library for your child to grow up with and rather than reaching for a tablet or phone or sitting in front of the television, they will prefer to reach for a book and sit on a beanbag or lounge. 

Benefits of Reading Books For 1 year Old

We have already mentioned some benefits of reading to your kids, such as creating a life - long healthy relationship with books and a preference to read a good book instead of being glued to a screen.

Some other benefits you can expect your baby to receive from reading to them:

  • developing their vocabulary and recognition of words and letters. Your baby may not be able to express their understanding yet, but believe you me, they are absorbing everything you are reading to them. 
  • Strengthening senses - reading books helps to enhance your babies listening and thinking skills. Your baby's auditory senses are constantly developing. By exposing them to regular reading sessions, your baby will begin to recognize auditory cues and patterns that will accelerate their listening skills. Reading also exercises your baby's cognitive abilities and helps to expand their thinking abilities within their little world. 
  • Longer attention span is another benefit that can come with regular reading sessions. Helping your baby to learn how to sit and read an entire book from cover to cover is an important life skill that will serve them well into their schooling years. The practice of focus is a learned skill that reading can improve dramatically. 

Bedtime Stories for Babies

Bedtime can be a great way to introduce reading and story time to babies. It is a natural way and great way for your baby to drift off and fall asleep.

There is however, a few considerations to make when considering books for bedtime.  Things like choosing a book that doesn't excite or stimulate your little one too much (we are after all trying to get them to sleep).  Fortunately, we have just the guide on the best books for bedtime stories, and we encourage you to check it out.   

Buyers Guide for What to Consider When Buying Books for 1 Year Old


When you are reading to your bubs, one of the best ways for choosing the right book is selecting a topic that interests them. You will know they like the subject matter when they are completely engaged with the book.  

We recommend beginning with the classic books with lots of colors and pictures that will capture their attention. 

If you find they are not engaging with the books, you can slowly begin introducing them to new topics like dinosaurs or animals, cars or even comic books. The point is that you want them to engage with you and the book and the fact that you are reading is the main thing. 


Some of the best books we have found to help engagement with your little one are books that involve interaction with your baby. This could mean that there are pop ups that involve the movement of specific pictures on each page.  Or the books may include different types of materials that feel different or create scrunching sounds.  

Sometimes a book that strays from the standard words and pictures on the page can help to really engage your bubs. 


Another was to get your precious one to love reading is choosing books that rhyme and can almost be read in a sing - song fashion. Many books For 1 year old babies involve rhymes that help to engage your bub's listening skills. It is a great moment to witness when you realize your baby understands that the words in the book are interconnected somehow.

Singing your books to a child can also help to engage them, when they are otherwise preoccupied with other things around them. 

Final Verdict on Reading Books For 1 Year Old

In conclusion, reading to your 1 year old has many benefits that will, if done correctly, will set them up with wonderful habits in their life. It can help to seed your child with their love of learning, and importantly help to get them away from those addictive screens on tablets, phones and the TV.

Choosing the right books for your 1 year old is important and something that is within your power to control. By following our guidelines and recommendations in our article, you will be on your way to engaging your little one in story time and helping to develop them little minds onto bigger and greater things. 

Let us know your favorite books in the comments below so we can add them to our list for other parents to enjoy. 


Best Book for a 1 Year Old