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Best Travel Baby Bath Tubs - Our Favorites

When you’re travelling with a baby, you have to make a lot of compromise.

Diaper changing for babies can be done anywhere at any time - but what about the bath time routine? Fortunately your baby's bath is one thing that you don't have to sacrifice.

We are happy to report there has been some advances in design and technology for Travel Baby Bath options, so you don't have to contend with uncertainty whether the accommodation has adequate bath time arrangements on the other end.

With our easy-to-use guide for the Best Travel Baby Bath, you and bubs can still enjoy water play anywhere you go.

Top Recommendations

Inflatable Bath Tub Froggie Collection
Mommy's Helper

Baby Bather Recliner
Summer Deluxe

Deluxe Bath Tub
The First Years

How to Choose the Best Travel Baby Bath for you?

Choosing the best travel baby bath for your specific needs is not the easiest task to navigate. It is for this reason why we collated a BUYERS GUIDE to use for TRAVEL BATHTUB - Everything you Need to Know. We recommend having a thorough read of that article before committing to your next purchase.  The buyer's guide runs you through questions you should ask yourself AND features that you should look for in a travel baby bath so you can buy with confidence, knowing you have the best available option for you and baby.  

In this article we are going to focus entirely on the best options and products that are available on the market right now. 

Please note we do UPDATE this article with the latest Best Travel Baby Bath as they are released, so do remember to check back here from time to time. 

Best Travel Baby Bath - Top Recommendations

Like we said earlier, travelling with your little one is a huge deal.  Bathing your baby is important, and it should not be taken lightly when you are planning to be on the go.  

Luckily we have scoured the options available to travelling parents and have compiled a list of the best travel baby baths to help make bath time a breeze.

Best Inflatable Baby Bathtub For Travel

Mommy's Helper Inflatable Bath Tub is a great bath time solution that offers all the convenience of a light weight and compact travel baby bath. 

All the materials used to construct the bath tub is 100% phthlate free, meaning you and your bubs can have a toxic-free bath time. 

The depth of the inflatable walls are extra wide to allow a secure and safe bath for your baby.  In addition to the extra thick walls, there is an ingenious saddle design incorporated into the floor of the inflatable bath to help your baby sit comfortable.  As parents ourselves, this safety feature is very much welcomed and helps to prevent any accidents from occurring that may result from your baby slipping. 

Finally, if all the above wasn't enough, it has an adorable froggie cartoon design that will capture your little one's attention.  They won't be able to stop themselves from touching all the frogs!

Best Recliner Baby Bathtub for Travel

Recliner baby bath seats are an extremely convenient option for bathing your little ones on the go. And the Summer Deluxe baby bather does not disappoint. 

With three reclining positions, this baby recliner ticks all the right boxes for convenience.  It is also small enough to use within sinks - which is great for those times when you are unsure of what your accommodations facilities are at your destination.  

Your baby's comfort is also high on Summer Deluxe's agenda, with lush absorptive cushioning in the seat and headrest.  While with soft, mesh material on the sides of the seat comfort your baby during bath time. 

You will find bathing your bubs while travelling hassle free and enjoyable with the Summer Deluxe Baby Bather.  

Best Plastic Tub Baby Bathtub for Travel

If you have a traditional plastic baby bath tub at home, sometimes these are the best options for travelling. 

Even though they may be cumbersome, they are actually very handy if you will be travelling by road and can afford the space. 

We would recommend The First Years Sure comfort deluxe bath tub. 

There are many things to like about this traditional baby bath tub.  The First Years bath tub grows with your baby.  It has three distinct stages that it can be utilized for your baby's bath time.  

Due to its ergonomic design, this bath tub makes bathing your baby simple and convenient. The grooves and sling help to keep your baby safe and in place, so you can worry less about your baby moving and more about engaging with your little one. 

The First Years have thought if everything, when it comes to bath time convenience.  The mesh sling is easily removable for cleaning and drying. And the anti-slip pads located within the tub are mildew resistant - meaning you don't have to worry about mold and hygiene issues. 

Even if you are looking for a baby bath tub for home, this is a great option.  

Final Thoughts on the Best Travel Baby Bath

Travelling with bubs is not the easiest thing in the world.  At first, it feels like an uphill battle, with all the packing and moving (of what feels like the entire house). 

However, with a bit of planning and research (using our how-to-guides) you will soon be able to master the travel and begin the enjoy the joys of experiencing new things with your family (including bubs!). 

Let us know your travel baby tips in the comments below!


Summer Deluxe Baby Travel Recliner