Best Baby Loungers

Find the Perfect Baby Lounger to Make Parenting Easier - Buyers Guide and Recommendations

As a new parent, you are always looking for ways to make parenting easier. A baby lounger is an excellent addition to your home for that very reason.

The Best Baby Loungers will give you a break from holding your little one and make it possible for you to get things done around the house. However, it can be difficult to decide which one is the best.

To help with the decision-making process, this article will help you find the best fit for your baby and your lifestyle. We'll discuss what to consider when looking for a lounger, how to choose the right one and what features you should look for. We'll also talk about safety considerations, and we're going to provide you with information about the top 3 best baby loungers on the market today.

This way, you can find the perfect one for your home and begin parenting in style!

Top Recommendations

Best Baby Lounger - Top Pick:

Boppy Original Newborn Lounger
With several awards under their belt for Best Innovative design, the Boppy is a clear crowd pleaser.

Best Portable Baby Lounger:

Baby Nest Lounger Bassinet/Mattress
With a slimline and lightweight design, this baby lounger will make your baby's sleep on the go a cinch. It is also particularly useful for any moms who like to co-sleep with their little ones.

Best Sensory Lounger for Sleep:

Snuggle Me Organic
With an organic outer later and virgin polyester fill, the Snuggle Me Organic will be calming and lulling your little one into a blissful sense of security.
**Note - please refer below for detailed reviews of recommended products

Boppy Original Newborn Lounger

Best Baby Lounger - Top Pick

When it comes to quality designs for a baby lounger, the Boppy Original Lounger is one of the top contenders. In fact, Boppy has been awarded a number of awards for it's unique and comfortable design.

We love the beanbag cushioning effect the Boppy Baby Lounger provides. It clearly provides an environment for babies to make them feel at ease and secure.

With easy to care for features such as washable pillows and easy to wipe materials you won't be left short of impressed. The one shortcoming of the Boppy Baby Lounger was that the outer material cannot be removed for a quick rinse.

Nevertheless, the pros of the Boppy far outweigh the one drawback.

Baby Nest Lounger Bassinet/Mattress

Best Portable Baby Lounger

The Baby Nest is the perfect baby lounger for those who love to travel around with their little ones. With a unique slimline design, it allows you to position the lightweight bassinet just about anywhere. It is this slim design that also makes this baby lounger a great option for moms who practice co sleeping with their bubs in the early months.

In terms of ongoing maintenance, the Baby Nest offers a detachable outer layer, allowing parents to machine wash the material for hygenic purposes.

One final feature we'd like to highlight is the adjustable straps towards the bottom of the baby lounger, allowing you to adjust the straps or loosen the buckle for an open design or larger babies.

Snuggle Me Organic

Best Sensory Lounger for Sleep

What this American made baby lounger lacks in visual appeal, it makes up for ten-fold in comfort and security for your baby.

The unique encapsulating design of the Snuggle Me Organic Baby Lounger reproduces the snuggling sensation when your baby is held in your arms. This makes it ideal for those times you need to free up your hands to get to those daily chores.

Although the Snuggle Me Organic is not the most budget friendly, it is clear the price tag goes towards the premium materials used to create a safe and secure environment for your baby. You can rest assured that all materials are certified organic, non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

Why You Need A Baby Lounger - Benefits of Baby Loungers

A baby lounger is a great way to keep your little one comfortable and happy. It can be used in the nursery, on the patio or even at home while you are watching TV. The best part about it is that they come with many different features so there’s something for everyone!  Here are our favorite benefits and features of having a baby lounger in the house:

  1. we have touched on this benefit in the paragraph before, but one of the primary benefits of a baby lounger is its portability.  Because of the unique lightweight design, these clever baby accessories are easy to move. This means you can bring it anywhere in the house with you, and you can say goodbye to dragging the heavy cot/crib around the house. Having an easy to move baby lounger means you can get those odd jobs and chores done with the peace of mind that your baby is comfortable and safe. 
  2. Another benefit that comes with portability is the fact that baby loungers can be compacted or molded to fit into small spaces.  This is great for storage purposes when you go travelling or on holidays.  Simply pack your baby lounger into your suitcase or car and off you go. 
  3. One big benefit of acclimatizing your baby to a baby lounger is that you can bring this familiar space with you anywhere you go.  Because your baby knows the feel, comfort and smell of their baby lounger, they instinctively know they are in a safe environment.  This can be used to your advantage in situations, such as when the grandparents take the little one for a night.  By affording your baby the safety and familiarity of the baby lounger, they will immediately feel calm and comfortable in new spaces, making it easier for them to transition. 

For an in depth guide to everything you need to know about baby loungers (including all the benefits), check out our baby loungers guide. 

Now let's get into the features that every parent should look at when considering buying the best baby loungers.

Buyers Guide to Best Baby Loungers

The best baby lounger is a must-have for every parent. It’s the perfect accessory that allows you to relax and enjoy your time with your little one.  This is especially relevant while they are still in their infancy stage. The best part about having a baby lounge chair is that it allows parents to spend more quality time together as well as bond better with their babies. You will be able to do all of this without worrying about them getting hurt or falling off the couch.

Best Materials for Baby Loungers

Baby lounges are a great way to keep your baby safe and comfortable. They can be used in the nursery, playroom or even on the patio. The best ones will have soft cushions that provide comfort while also being easy to clean. The type of materials are also important for the safety of your baby.  The best baby loungers will be made out of materials that are fire-retardent and breathable.  We will go into more details about safety features in a section below. 

Best Construction and Design for Baby Loungers

When it comes to baby lounger construction, you want to make sure you choose ones that have features features to ensure it works in the best possible way. Let's take a quick look at some of the features we search for in the best baby loungers. 

We always look for a lounger that supports the baby with an incline. This would be similar to baby bounce chairs that allow the baby to sit facing forwards (rather than looking up at the ceiling). Not only does this allow you to see your baby and interact with them while they are sitting in the lounge, it also means they will be less likely to want to roll out of the baby lounge if (and when) they become bored. 

We also look for baby loungers that utilize a secure strap that fastens around the baby. As you can appreciate, depending on the stage of their development, a baby can move around (a lot).  It is for this reason we suggest finding a chair that allows you to securely fasten straps around the baby.  

Last, but not least, we look for baby loungers that have removable covers.  You could have the cleanest baby in the world, and you will still get stains and markings on your baby lounge.  It's just a part of rearing a lovable little baby. You will soon appreciate having accessories, furniture and toys where you can remove the outer layers for cleaning purposes.  Trust us - it is a complete game changer.

Safety Features

When it comes to your little one, nothing is more important than their safety. Fortunately many baby loungers have factored parent's concerns into their designs and have incorporated a host of safety features.  We have already touched on a few safety features used in baby loungers, such as fire-retardent and breathable materials.  Using fire-retardant materials in baby loungers has obvious benefits, as you never know what can spark an accidental fire. Making the material breathable ensures if your baby somehow smushes their face against a side cushion, it allows enough air to circulate through the material so your baby doesn't suffocate. 

Other safety features that you should look for in the best baby loungers include lightweight designs, to allow for easy portability.  You should also look at how they can be stowed away when not in use, or more importantly, when you want to bring it along on a holiday. 

Final Verdict

Having a baby lounge in your baby accessory's ensemble can be a life saver when it comes to those awkward moments you need a free set of hands. They have so many different uses, once you get one you'll wonder how you ever survived without one. 

We love travelling with our baby loungers because they are so compact and lightweight.  They also provide a familiar, comfortable space for the baby which helps them easily adjust to new environments and spaces. 

Hopefully, you have been able to identify the best baby loungers from our list of recommendations. Please let us know which baby lounger you found to be the most useful in the comments below.   


Best Baby Lounger - Boppy Original