Best 6 Natural tips to make your baby's skin fair

Best 6 Natural tips to make your baby's skin fair

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Most of the children have delicate and sensitive skin, which indicates that you must be careful in choosing creams and things to apply on their skin. So, get yourself settled with some practical home based skin remedies for the fair tone in kids.Even though we don’t believe that complexion makes any difference, we have compiled some simple tips to help your baby acquire fair complexion.

Here is the best 6 Natural tips to make your baby's skin fair

1. Gram Flour Paste:
You can make a homemade skin pack by mixing raw milk, turmeric, fresh cream, and gram flour (besan).
Apply the thick paste to your baby’s skin softly. After 10-minutes, when the pack tends to dry, use a damp cotton or soft cloth to rub off the pack.
The raw milk kills the bacteria, which cause diarrhea and other infectious diseases.
Only using oily baby cream can make your little one’s skin greasy and lead to skin rashes in the summer. So, ensure you use this home made paste for best results.

2. Fruit Sap:
Another good home remedy to enhance your baby’s complexion is feeding him grape juice.
Natural fruit extracts help cleanse the epidermis and make your baby’s skin soft and fair.
Some other nutritious fruits that boost your baby’s skin tone are apples and oranges.
Note: This remedy works for a child whose age is above three months.
3. Massage Skin With Oil: Coconut oil has always been the best option to massage the body with. Massaging will improvise skin tone and will also strengthen your child’s muscles. So, make your child’s skin fair at home with regular hot oil massage.

4. Try A Body Scrub
Gentle body scrubbing works wonderfully. Doing this at least once a week can help facilitate healthy and smooth skin. Make a fine paste of chickpea and rose water and scrub your baby’s skin softly.
This helps in enhancing blood circulation and also removes tiny hair strands from your baby’s body. Your baby will look squeaky clean after the scrubbing and his/her skin will glow.

5. Regulated Sunbath: It is important that you allow your child to get exposed to the sunlight sometimes, but ensure that it is a well-regulated affair. Leaving your child out for long can lead to darkening of the skin beyond repair. You may carry a pram to keep your child away from direct sunshine.

6: Using Mint leaves
Mint leaves not only help in improving the skin tone of the kid, but also provide an overall cooling effect. Make a thick paste by grinding a handful of mint leaves and apply it on the face of the kid. Try doing this at regular intervals to see the fairness and the glow on the child’s skin.

07 Natural tips to make your baby's skin fair & glow

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