Baby Walkers with Big Wheels

How to Find the Safest Baby Walkers for your Baby

Baby Walkers are a great way for encouraging your bubs to begin walking.

However, we feel it is important to recognize and warn parents that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a warning about how some walker designs aren’t safe and shouldn’t be used.

These dangers can be avoided if you do your research and understand the important features that you should look for in a walker. In this article we are going to step you through the safety features that you should look for in your next baby walker. Safety features such as a wide base and baby walkers with big wheels.

The best walkers have wheels that are just the right size for little feet to drag across the floor. They often have adjustable heights and are designed so your little one can sit, stand, and move around safely.

What are Baby Walkers with Big Wheels?

baby walkers with big wheels

Walkers are support aids for your baby to encourage them to sit/stand up and imitate the action of walking.  It is a safe way to teach your child how to walk, but in a manageable and supervised manner.  

Walkers are particularly helpful to those little ones that seem to prefer to crawl rather than furniture surf they way around your house. 

These support aids come in a variety of designs.  We encourage our community to opt for baby walkers with big wheels for safety reasons.  They stabilize the support aid and help to encourage the use of their legs.  

Larger wheels also help to navigate over uneven surfaces, decreasing the likelihood of your bubs catching on any surfaces that may have a lip. 

The larger wheels are also effective on different types of surfaces, such as carpet, where some smaller wheel designs are ineffective or harder to maneuver. 

What are the Benefits of Baby Walkers with Big Wheels?

There are many benefits to Baby walkers with big wheels.  

First off, they're more stable than the traditional kind. The big wheeled design reduces the risk of babies toppling over, as well as the risk of running into walls and corners. They're also easier to use for your baby - which is always good for building your little one's confidence in walking.

As your baby gains confidence, they are gaining new motor skills.  They constantly experience repetitively movements, the three actions that are important for learning to walk: standing up, falling down, and then getting back up again. 

Safety Features you Should Look for in Baby Walkers

Your baby's health and well-being is and should be your number one priority (it is at the Best Baby Care Tips Team).  It is for this reason you should be looking for particular features in walkers.  Here are a few must-haves for baby walkers.

Big Wheels

Given the title of the article, you may have guessed this would be our number one feature.  There is good reason.  All the walkers that have come under scrutiny for safety concerns have small wheels. 

Small wheels do not provide enough balance or friction with the ground, leaving it susceptible to toppling over. 

Smaller wheels also have a tendency to get caught in uneven surfaces, again posing a toppling risk.  

Seat Belt

You may be asking what is the point of a seat belt if the walker has big wheels?  

Well it is a known fact that if a baby can wriggle or climb out of a seat, they will try (or give it a red-hot go!).  A seat belt is there to discourage this behavior and ensure your bubs is nice and secure. 

Wide Base

When you look at a walker, you want the base to be wider than the upper half.  There are two reasons for the wide-base design.  First and foremost, it is much harder for the device to topple over.  Secondly, now that your bubs is mobile, the wider base helps to prevent your little one reaching for things you want left alone.  

Our Favorite Baby Walkers with Big Wheels

To help you find the best baby walker for your precious one we've collected a few of our favorite ones for you below:

Article written by Best Baby Care Tips

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