Baby Tub Ofuro - Everything you Need to Know

Baby Tub Ofuro: Why are they so popular and the benefits of Using One

You may have heard of Japanese baths called ofuro, but what is the baby tub ofuro? In this article we are going to explore the benefits this delivers to your parenting experience.

The Baby Tub Ofuro is the unique way to bathe your little one.  It is one of the best bath time inventions for your baby, and for you.
It's unique design is aimed at making bath time easier and more enjoyable for both your baby and you.

Essentially, it is a deep tub that is specifically designed for babies too young to sit up by themselves.  It has a high back that helps support babies while they are sitting or laying down.
In our books at the Best Baby Care Tips, it is a must have for all new parents!

So let's get into the nuts and bolts of how you can apply the benefits for your bubs.

What is an Baby Tub Ofuro? 

Baby Tub Ofuro
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Traditionally, ofuro are large, deep wooden tubs used to bathe one's self. They are usually filled with water which is heated with a stove and then poured into the tub.

The baby tub ofuro is a variation on this traditional bath. The water is heated in a separate container and then poured into the tub.

This type of bath is common in Japan and is used for babies and small children.  There are many benefits to this technique of bathing that we love at the Best Baby Care Tips - which we will explore in the next section.

What are the Benefits of the Baby Tub Ofuro

Improved Sleep Quality

Due to the unique design of the tub which emulates being in the womb, this bathing technique actually calms your bubs down.  This is fantastic for many reasons - it means everyone will have an enjoyable experience.  But more importantly, it results in improved sleep quality.  And all parents know good quality sleep is the corner stone of a sustainable parenting experience.

Comfortable Sitting Position

The back design of the Ofuro Tub helps to mold to your babies back, providing a comfortable and natural sitting position.  This helps to promote a sense of safety in your child, which helps to avoid any meltdowns or crying during bathing time.

Safety First

The Ofuro is one of the safest means of washing your little one.  Due to it's sitting upright design, your bubs is less likely to roll into the water or have any way of submerging their head.  This is key in preventing any accidental drownings.  It is for this one reason that we love using this unique bath.

Do Baby Tub Ofuro Use More Water?

Although it may not be one of the main considerations for new parents, one of the big advantages of using this method of washing your baby is that it uses less water than other standard ways of bathing.  It may not seem like it when you look at the tub.  However, due to it's narrow nature, the amount of water required to fill up the Ofuro is considerably less than that of a large bath tub.

Final Verdict for the Baby Tub Ofuro

We have absolutely loved our time using the Ofuro.  Not only does it provide reassurance and give you the peace of mind that you child is safe and secure during bath time.  It also affords your child an immersive experience in water play.

We highly recommend looking at this as a top option for your child.

Here is a video coutesy of the manufacturers of this wonderful product.

Article written by Best Baby Care Tips

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