Advice for New Parents Baby Shower

How to Throw the Best Baby Shower for the New Parents

Baby showers are a time-honored tradition, but if you’re planning one for the first time, it can be hard to know where to start.

A baby shower is a wonderful way to celebrate the arrival of a new baby, but it can also be an intimidating experience for the mother-to-be. In order to lessen this anxiety and still take in all the fun, it's important to set up a baby shower that is entertaining and caters to everyone involved!

This article has been designed with the friends and family in mind.  Those of you who are attempting to plan a baby shower for the new parents-to-be.  You may or may not have parenting experience.  That is completely ok - we have got you covered with our best pieces of advice for new parents baby shower. By the end of this article, you will have a comprehensive idea of how to plan the baby shower, the best gifts for the parents-to-be, and what to expect during the event.

So strap your party organizing hat on and let's go!

Advice for New parents baby shower

Advice for New Parents Baby Shower - Our Favorite Tips

Before we get into the heavy lifting of the baby shower planning, we thought it would be good to provide a bit of a background of baby showers with some fun facts. 

Who is supposed to host a baby shower?

This question is not given much consideration and can often confuse many parents and parents-to-be.  After all, there is so much more to consider with the impending arrival of the little bubs.  

Fortunately, there is no hard and fast rule with where the responsibility lands with planning and hosting the baby shower. 

Traditionally, the bridesmaids of the soon-to-be-mother take on the responsibility of planning another milestone event in their friends life. 

the responsibility of this time-honored tradition can be adopted by any of the close friends or family.

However, in these modern days, many couples are choosing to forego marriage and live in defacto relationships. So what happens when there is no bride and, more importantly, bridesmaids? Really the responsibility of this time-honored tradition can be adopted by any of the close friends or family.

In fact, I am going through this exact situation with my sister - who is expecting to receive a special baby delivery within a matter of weeks!  Yet her partner and my sister had not yet tied the knot - something to do with finances and running out of time.  

No matter the reason for their lack of nuptials, I decided to organize an impromptu baby shower for my sister.  After all, this may be their only child and therefore the only opportunity to celebrate being expecting parents. 

In the end, anyone who cares enough and is close to the expecting parents can assume the honored role of baby shower planner. And we at the Best Baby Care Tips Team applaud you taking the time to make someone feel special. 

How to Make Sure the Parents-to-Be receive the gifts they need. 

Advice for New Parents Baby Shower

A baby shower is a fun way to celebrate the arrival of a baby, and can be a great way to prepare for the baby's arrival. It's nice to receive gifts for the baby, but it's equally important to give gifts for the new mom. 

We find the best way to make sure there isn't an over supply of baby gifts or mommy gifts is to organize a baby shower gift registry

This works exactly as it sounds - it is like a wedding gift registry, only for gifts for baby and mom. 

They are extremely useful because it helps to avoid any double ups with gifts from guests.  This is especially helpful for those friends and family who have no experience with babies and their needs. 

In the next section we will look at the perfect gifts for a new mom.

What are good gifts for a new mom?

Let's face it - babies are easy to buy a present for.

There is always a new advanced toy to buy the baby.  Or even some adorable little clothes or shoes for all sorts of different occasions.

But what about a present for the mom-to-be.  That can be much more of a challenge. 

Of course this will be dependent on the type of person and personality the mother-to-be has - but there are some things that will bring a smile to every new mom. 

The trick is to think of what the parents are about to embark on, and anticipate the bumps and challenges they will receive along the way. 

For instance, new parents often feel worn out by their new-found responsibilities for looking after a newborn.  They often don't have the energy to think about and care for themselves. 

In cases like these, some pre-prepared meals are very much appreciated by the new parents.  Do I hear you saying you are not much of a cook?  That's easy - with meal delivery services popping up, you can organize some vouchers or credit for the new parents to use when they are having those moments of being too tired. 

Another great option is offering up your own time, so that the new parents can take a rest and get some much-needed alone time.  This is a great option for those that are after a budget friendly gift and has some time to spare.  Let the mom and dad go out for a date night and allow them to recharge, while you look after their little bundle of joy. 

Getting the perfect gift isn't hard.  If you just give a bit of extra thought and think outside the box for that special something, the new parents will truly appreciate your present.   

What are things to expect from a baby shower

So you have the gift registry prepped, you have sent the invites out and you have organized the catering (hopefully some other friends or family are chipping in their cooking expertise). Now for the big event!  Here are some pointers for you for what to expect on the big baby shower day.

  •  if this is going to be one of the first baby showers within your friendship group, expect the guests to need guidance on what to do in the baby shower. I recall many awkward pauses and moments in my first baby shower.  None of my friends and family had any idea of how to conduct themselves, so we often just sat in a group and stared at each other.  TOP TIP - have a rough itinerary ready to guide the day.  You may or may not need it, depending on how the shower progresses, but it is good to have as a back up. 
  • there will be people from all walks of the parent-to-be's life.  Much like a wedding, try to group people with acquaintances or people who are from the same areas of the mother-to-be's life.  If necessary, try to arrange people to car pool to the baby shower venue - it helps to break the ice with some friendship groups. 
  • a lot of the focus will be on the mother-to-be.  This fact is especially relevant when the mother is opening the presents everyone has kindly brought along.  TOP TIP - brief your mother-to-be friend and make sure they are comfortable being the center of attention.  If not, try to work around the anxiety inducing moments with other fun games or events.  

Final Thoughts on Advice for New Parents Baby Shower

Throwing a baby shower sounds daunting at first.  However, when you break it down, it isn't much different to planning a themed birthday party. 

With a bit of planning (using this guide), some fore thought and good communication with the parents-to-be, you will be throwing a successful, fun memorable baby shower for your friend in no time.   

Let us know your best advice for new parents baby shower in the comments section below.  Remember, it requires the knowledge of a village to help raise a baby! 

Article written by Best Baby Care Tips

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