5 Month Old Baby - Sleep Tips, Awake Times & Baby Gas Relief

5 Month Old Baby: Sleep Tips, Awake Times & Gas Relief Solutions

Are you struggling with your 5 month old baby's sleep? Your baby wakes frequently and isn't on a regular nap routine yet. You have lots of questions - how often should your 5 month old nap? What about night feeds and wakings?

Here are all the sleep tips & guidelines you need to get your 5 month old baby taking great naps and waking less at night.

Do you have a gassy baby who wakes at night crying because of trapped gas? You'll also find out why your baby suffers from a gassy tummy, and how to relieve the gas pains.

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A tired mom wrote in saying, “What awake times do you suggest for a 5 month old throughout the day? Also, do you have any suggestions on what to do when burps are suddenly causing issues? Despite no change in my baby’s feeds, she won’t sleep or she will wake up after a sleep cycle shrieking because a burp is stuck.”

I’m sorry to hear she’s having this discomfort and pain. First, I’ll go over the awake times and then we’ll talk about painful gas.

Awake Times:
1.5 – 2.5 hours for a 5 month old

If your child doesn’t sleep well in general, then normally shorter awake times are better. If your child sleeps well, you can push it up to the 2.5 hour mark.

The first awake time of the day tends to be the shortest – 1.5 hours.

If they nap well in the day, then awake times can increase throughout the day. The last awake time of the day, between the last nap and bedtime, is the longest: 2.5 hours.

Sleep Guidelines:

Your 5 month old should be taking 3-4 naps/day.

Bedtime should be between 7-8: 30pm – around 2.5 hours from when they last woke from a nap. Keep it within a 30 minute window each day for consistency.

Your 5 month old should have 1-2 night feedings, depending on how your baby’s growth and nutrition is.

Night-time sleep should be between 9-11 hours.

The total sleep in 24 hours should be between 14-15 hours

What to do for painful gas?

Rack your mind to see whether anything has changed in your baby’s diet in the last week or two. If she’s formula fed, is she getting the exact same formula she always has?

If she’s breastfed, has anything changed in your diet? Have you taken new supplements, drank a new type of tea or been eating differently?

At 5 months old, you may or may not have started solids, cereals etc. If you have introduced anything, look carefully at what could be causing the gas.

Tips for gassiness:
• Keep baby upright for 10 minutes after every feed (including night feeds)

• Get some tummy massage going at bedtime – use gentle clockwise circles on her tummy

• Bicycle her legs – bend each leg and push it into her tummy for around 5 minutes or so

• Have her practice tummy time when she’s awake to help push out any trapped gas

• For persistent problems of 2+ weeks, talk to your doctor about starting a probiotic to reduce fussiness and trapped gas

• Check out the Windi product – loads of parents say it works!

I hope that helps. Let us know how it goes and which tips are helpful to you and your baby!
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