Best Travel Baby Bath

How to Choose the Best Travel Baby Bath for you?

Choosing the best travel baby bath for your specific needs is not the easiest task to navigate. It is for this reason why we collated a BUYERS GUIDE to use for TRAVEL BATHTUB - Everything you Need to Know. We recommend having a thorough read of that article before committing to your next purchase.  The buyer's guide runs you through questions you should ask yourself AND features that you should look for in a travel baby bath so you can buy with confidence, knowing you have the best available option for you and baby.  

In this article we are going to focus entirely on the best options and products that are available on the market right now. 

Final Thoughts on the Best Travel Baby Bath

Travelling with bubs is not the easiest thing in the world.  At first, it feels like an uphill battle, with all the packing and moving (of what feels like the entire house). 

However, with a bit of planning and research (using our how-to-guides) you will soon be able to master the travel and begin the enjoy the joys of experiencing new things with your family (including bubs!). 

Let us know your travel baby tips in the comments below!

Please note we do UPDATE this article with the latest Best Travel Baby Bath as they are released, so do remember to check back here from time to time. 

Travel Bathtub - Everything you Need to Know

Travelling with Bubs Series: Travel Bathtubs 

Babies are cute, but they’re not very big.  And this makes new parents nervous when they need a bath.
You may be all set up at home with the necessary equipment to keep your bubs safe, but what do you do when you are travelling away from home? How do you bathe your baby at the hotel or when you are on the road?

We are glad to say there is an easy solution: a travel bathtub is one of the easiest ways to bathe your baby on the go. These bathtubs are made for use in your kitchen sink and include various safety features, such as built-in safety straps to secure the baby as well as other attractions such as hang on toys to keep baby entertained.

To help you make a decision, we have put together a checklist of features to look for when you go out to buy the perfect travel baby bathtub for you and your little one. Let's get into it.

How to Choose the Best Portable Bathtub 

Travel Bathtub

If you are new to the world of parenting, the realization of how much your baby's safety and comfort governs your day-to-day. 

It no longer just encompasses feeding and sleeping - it also includes bathing on the go and making the process as safe as possible. Choosing the right travel bathtub for you and your bubs can alleviate a lot of the anxiety that comes with bath time on the go.  However, with so many options available on the go, it can be hard to navigate what is best. 

Here is our buyers guide to choosing the right bathtub for you. 

Bath Seat or Travel Bathtub - which one is better?

One of the first things you will need to consider is the type of bath you'll be giving your baby and what is your preference when you bathe them.

Before we get into the difference, let us say that this will largely be dictated with the way you bathe your bubs at home.  What we do like to encourage, at the Best Baby Care Tips, is to be open to exposing your baby to new experiences.  If you generally use a bathtub at home, maybe try using a bath seat, and vice versa.  Who knows, you may discover bubs prefers one over the other? 

baby travel bathtub

Before reading this article, you probably didn't even know there was a difference.  However, there are some distinct differences between the two. 

The main difference between a baby bath seat and a baby bathtub, is the design and construction.  Travel Bath Seats generally position the baby in an upright position while bathing.  While the bathtub is a container that allows you to submerse your baby's body fully.  

We have an in-depth article that goes into everything you need to know about Travel Baby Bath Seats.  For that reason, this article will only discuss the pros and cons of a baby travel bathtub.  If you think a travel bath seat is your best option, jump on over to see our recommendations in our other article. 

Bathtub Pros

Bathtub Cons

Types of Portable Bathtubs

When you picture a travel bathtub, you are probably seeing the traditional hardened plastic tub that most shops stock. However, we are happy to report we have seen some innovation and creative ideas spring up in this space.  This is great for parents, because it adds options to what was a once very restricted space. 

Plastic Travel Bathtubs

Like we mentioned earlier, this is the more commonly known travel bathtub.  It is a good old reliable option for travelling parents because it has no moveable parts that can break or pop.  It also eliminates any surprises since it provides the complete bathing package. The main drawback is that it is large and cumbersome to transport. 


The next travel bathtub we are going to look at is the foldable options.  These are great because they offer the convenience of washing your little one in a safe environment, whilst also being small enough to travel with.  Foldable bathtubs generally have a mixture of plastic and fabric components to allow for a sturdy structure, plus lightweight and compact features. 

One draw back is that they may be susceptible to breaking while in transit, therefore leaving you with no options at your destination. 

We do like this option as foldable travel baths offer a compromise between reliability and convenience. 


Inflatable travel baby bathtubs are clearly one of the most convenient options for travel.  They are light weight and compact, which means no additional check ins for oversized pieces of luggage. 

You can literally carry these bathtubs anywhere you want.  And the best thing is they will fit snuggly inside almost any piece of luggage - even your baby bag (but lets be honest, that's already jam packed with everything else you are bringing for the bubs).  

How to Bathe your Baby While Travelling

Check list for Bathing your Baby While Travelling 

For your convenience, we thought it would be useful to include the checklist of travel items we collated in our travel baby bath seat post (below):

When you set off on a trip there is always so much to think about and pack.  To help you round up the things you will need to bathe your bubs, we've put together a short and quick list of items to include in your travel accessories. 

Final Thoughts on Travel Bathtub Options for Your Baby

Travelling with a baby may feel intimidating, however if you give some thought to planning and preparing yourself for the road ahead, it isn't that different from bathing your bubs at home. 

With our How-to guide for choosing the best travel bathtub and checklist to help with your packing, bath time on your time away from home may actually become a fun occasion. 

Let us know your tips for travelling with your baby in the comments below.  

Small Cribs for Small Spaces

Small Cribs for Babies: A Must Read Buyers Guide before you Buy

We’ve all heard the saying: “Space is the final luxury.”

That’s never been truer than in the early days of parenting. A couple of years ago, I was pregnant with my first child, and I was, like most first-time parents, reading everything I could find. 

When you’re living on one floor of a small condo or apartment, you need every square inch of space to be functional, not just decorative. And that includes your baby’s room.

If you’re in need of a small crib for a small space, here are some of your best options.

Small Cribs for Small Spaces

Small Cribs for Small Apartments

In this day and age, interior design trends are becoming more modern and minimal. We’ve all seen the beautiful, clean lines created by modern lines and Scandinavian design.

Having lived in a small apartment for the past few years we, at The Best Baby Care Tips, know how hard it is to find furniture that both fits in your space and looks good.

But just because you have a small space doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice on your baby's needs and requirements.

Let's take a look at the different aspects of small cribs and why it may just be positive thing rather than a hindrance.

Benefits of Small Cribs

Believe it or not, there are some advantages to having a small crib versus a larger spacious crib. 

How to Choose a Small Crib for Small Spaces

Small Cribs for Small Spaces

Here is a simple step-by-step process for choosing the best small cribs for small spaces. 

  1. Make Safety Your Priority - I think it goes without saying that safety is one of the top values you can have when it comes to your baby. Small cribs come with a host of safety features, such as double mechanism safety locks, so when those curious little hands go wandering, there are safety measure to prevent them from unlocking any crib gates. 
  2. Bars and Rails - when you are choosing a crib, ensure the bars are no bigger than 2 1/2 inches (5.08 cm) wide apart. You also want to ensure the height of the bars are sufficient to prevent your baby from climbing over the railing. 
  3. Supportive Mattress - Looking at crib mattresses is vitally important to ensure your baby will be well-supported.  One of the last things you would want to happen is for the mattress to become sofy and lumpy, potentially leading to a dangerous environment that could result in SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). 
  4. End Boards - When you consider a crib, it is hard not to choose one with a beautiful cutout design with filigree or cute animal shapes.  However, we would urge you to fight those temptations and choose a more generic small crib.  Unfortunately, it is those cute shapes that also encourage your baby to get fingers or limbs caught. 
  5. Crib Bumpers - even though you may have the best intentions for looking for a crib with bumpers to protect your baby from bumps on the side bars, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that they actually help.  We understand this is harder when you are looking at small cribs for small spaces. In fact, if your baby gets into a position where their face is pressed up against the bumper and they don't have the strength to correct their position, it can pose as a suffocation risk. 

Final Thoughts on Small Cribs for Small Apartments

As a new parent, when it comes to your little one's wants and needs, it is only natural that you don't want to sacrifice or compromise on anything! 

Living in a small apartment or space doesn't mean you have to compromise on your baby's sleeping environment. 

As we pointed out in this article, there are many benefits to having a small sleeping space for your bubs. It helps to contain them - especially if you have a baby that tosses and turns.  It also allows you to sleep in the same room as them - saving on having to get additional gadgets like baby monitors etc. 

Don't be fooled into thinking bigger is better.  We highly recommend checking out small cribs for your baby - you may be wonderfully surprised at the number of options available that suits your lifestyle. 

We hope you enjoyed our article Small Cribs for Small Spaces. If you found it useful, we would appreciate if you shared this post with your friends and family. Alternatively, if you have any questions about small cribs, feel free to leave them in the comments section below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.