2 Month Old Baby Sleep: Tips & Guidelines

Tips to Get Your 2 Month Old Baby Sleeping Well!

Is your newborn having trouble sleeping? Your baby is fussy and just won't settle for naps or at bedtime. What can you do to help your newborn - 2 month old baby sleep well?

Here are ALL the tips you need to for getting your 1 or 2 month old baby sleeping well, including everything from the right sleeping position, to swaddling, naps, creating a peaceful bedtime routine, and even a gentle introduction to sleep training.

This is Jilly Blankenship, baby sleep professional (nurse, lactation consultant and mother) giving you free tips on how to get your baby, toddler and child sleeping well.

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I received a question about a 2 month old: “My baby wakes up from naps 30-40 minutes into his sleep. He wakes up moving his legs and body – he’s swaddled. Sometimes he begins to cry. I try to soothe him in his crib, but usually I end up picking him up. He either will not go back to sleep, or he will only go back to sleep if I keep holding him. How do I overcome this?”

Sleep Guidelines for your little 2 month old:

• Awake times of only 1-2 maximum hours throughout the day – your baby needs to sleep often. If he does, he’ll actually sleep better at night! And when they sleep better at night, they’ll sleep better the next day – it’s a cycle. When we look at baby sleep, we need to look at the 24 hour picture. When babies get overtired, they actually sleep worse.

• Your baby needs 3-5 naps/day

• Nap lengths can vary – taking short naps of 30 minutes is normal.

• A baby’s sleep cycle is 40-50 minutes. If your baby wakes every 40 minutes, it’s because he’s finishing a sleep cycle and he can’t go back to sleep on his own yet.

• Night feeds: 2-3 in general

• Bedtime: 8-10 pm

• Night sleep: 8-10 hours in total (not straight!)

• Total sleep in 24 hours: 15-16 hours

This is a general snapshot of a healthy 2 month old who is gaining weight well.

I’ve got some specific tips to help your 2 month old sleep well during the day and also at night.

If your baby takes 30-40 minute naps, but is generally happy and energetic otherwise, this could just be his norm.

But, if he’s waking up fussy, or he’s clingy and fussy during the day, that could be a sign that he needs more sleep. So first I’ll go over how to help your 2 month old sleep well at night:

Tips for Night-time Sleep:
• Play white noise all night long – it drowns out background noise or sudden environmental noises from waking your little one

• Have his bedroom blacked out completely – no night lights, mobiles. Block the window so that the morning sun doesn’t wake him.

• Keep a consistent bedtime – it shouldn’t fluctuate by more than 30 minutes

• Have a simple, gentle bedtime routine – give your baby behavioural cues to relax and settle
down to sleep. When you do these activities consistently, you will see him relax and get drowsy.

• Swaddle your baby. It prevents the startle reflex from waking your baby.

Try a gentle sleep training method for young babies:
When you first hear him, wait 1 minute. Increase by 1 minute every day to a maximum of 5 minutes at this age.

If you go to him after a few minutes and he’s still making noises and crying, start with a hands-off intervention. Shush him, sing a gentle lullaby. Start with verbal reassurance.

If it’s not working, just put your hands on him and rock him from side to side. Or pat his bottom. Try this for several minutes again.

If this doesn’t work, go ahead and pick him up. He may be hungry, because he still needs to feed 2-3 times per night.

Tips for Naps:
I have basically the same tips as for night sleep. You don’t have to have your baby nap in his bed for all naps, or you’ll never leave the house! It’s okay for your baby to sleep on the go.

You’ve got to get out of the house and maintain a normal life schedule. You’ve got to get stuff done, you’ve got to see your friends and family and enjoy yourself!

I hope that these tips help to get your little guy napping longer and sleeping better at night! Good luck!
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