? Getting a Baby to Sleep. Tips and Secrets from Baby Sleep Expert - #1

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Vivian Sonnenberg, a pediatric sleep consultant with more than 20 years of experience solving sleep issues for thousands of babies all over the world, will talk about common sleep myths and share tips to help you help your baby to sleep through the night. ? Click on 'Show More' for details (...)

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? Transcript:

Kelly: Today, we’re here with Vivian Sonnenberg, a pediatric sleep consultant with more than 20 years of experience teaching babies all over the world how to sleep. Her advice has been featured on various news programs including Good Morning America. Today, we’re going to talk about common sleep myths and she will give you tips that help you help your baby sleep through the night.

Vivian, thank you for being here.

Vivian: Hi, Kelly. Thank you for having here.

Kelly: Of course.

Vivian: I really, really like to talk about sleep training, as you know, I did your two!

Kelly: Yes! You tremendously helped me with both of my children and I wanted to talk to you about it further. Can you tell us how you got into sleep consulting?

Vivian: Sure, I really like that. I took care of newborns for about 14 years back-to-back. I was super popular, love, love, love the babies. I have a passion for the babies. So sweet, and they’re so innocent and they need us moms to teach them, I feel strongly about that.

Just because of the way I was and being calm and loving babies were sleeping through the night at eight weeks, minimal crying. But that’s after taking care of newborns for a long time until I really got it. Then gradually, the moms started referring to other moms and to the Golden Gate Mom’s Group and I just went from one group to the other. Gradually it became so big, the sleep training, that’s all I do now. I’m very successful with my program, but we can talk about that later. So that’s how it all started. Now people call me from New York, from Chicago, from London. I did Australia, Spain, Italy, so fun, all over the world.

Kelly: That’s great! So, what is the typical number one problem that people call you with?

Vivian: I see the number one problem as being the babies are over stimulated, there is zero schedule, the babies get over tired and they start crying, and then the moms start worrying. The longer the baby is awake, the more he cries. So there is definitely a schedule I’d recommend to the moms to keep the baby calm, especially a newborn. The more you fuss with the baby the more it cries.

Full Transcript at: https://goo.gl/CwCCt1

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